A Working Group


A Working Group is a 2 Year Program

Class will meet on Mondays 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm for two years from Sept - May.  The first year is taught by Sally Allen and the second is taught by Toni Brock.

The cost is $180 due the 1st of each month September - May.
If you meet the time and financial obligations complete this form to request an interview.

During these two years you will focus on improving skills for the working actor. Our two-year program is intended to enhance and hone the skills of each working actor in the class.  Over the period of two years you will cover a variety of topics including auditioning techniques for commercial, film, and television; scene work on and off camera; workshops with selected Guest Artists and Industry Professionals; and business knowledge to take with you throughout your career.  These classes rely largely on an excellent work ethic and the support of one another throughout the process.

Pro Classes offered exclusively for A Working Group Graduates

Drop in acting class exclusively for A Working Group graduates with Sally Allen or Toni Brock.  We work on-camera doing that acting thing we all love to do!
We wanted to start a class where our actors can stay sharp and stay together by continuing to work on your craft with us.  Cold reads will be handed out in class and scenes will be filmed with playbacks and notes. Everyone will also receive a link of their class work to review whenever they choose.

Cost is $40 per class
Monthly Pro Class will be offered starting in the fall.