A Working Group


What a year it’s been!

I’m so extremely thankful for this class and what it has provided for me. Knowledge that any actor is more than lucky to have. And three things that I’ve NEVER had:

1) a blog

2) actor friends

3) a mentor that I totally and completely trust and respect

So THANK you, for letting me be a part of this.
— Kat Rogers

Miriam, I told you when I began the two year training program at Brock and Allen I would let you know how it was. Well tonight is the last night of the first year (Summers are off) and I want you to know the program is super worth your time and money. This class is unlike any I’ve ever taken. I’ve learned what I did “wrong” in all the auditions where I didn’t win the role and my skill for camera work has at least doubled. This first year Sally Allen has been the teacher and you will love her. Toni Brock teaches second year and from past experience in her short workshops I know I will progress even more, especially in camera tech. I understand the business much better too!You may recall that Jet did this program a few years back. I wish I could have done it then, but Antaro was in his slow dying at the time and I couldn’t commit. You and Jet were the best of the lot in CK’s classes, in my opinion, and you’ve been doing solid work in Austin theatre. Your son is getting older, and I think now is the time to invest in your camera career for after he gets out of the nest. Much love, Sylvia
— Sylvia Davis
It would be an understatement to say A Working Group is amazing! This has been the best acting class I have ever taken. I have learned and improved so much in my acting. Learning how to do a script analysis the Sally-and-Toni way has been so helpful. I am connected to the story and what is happening on a deeper level. One of the best things about class is the family environment. Every single person in my class is not just a peer but a friend. We all keep each other accountable. We all push each other to do better, and we all support each other. It lets me know that I’m not alone on this wild, beautiful, crazy journey in the acting industry. I always leave class with a little more knowledge, a little more inspiration, and a little more confidence in myself as an actor. Toni and Sally are golden nuggets of knowledge, skill, and awesomeness. I’m just happy to be here soaking it all in. I am so grateful for them and this class!
— Paige Shay
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